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Una “Corsa” da manuale

by Lorenzo - gennaio 21st, 2010.
Filed under: Corsica, Francia del Sud, Habitat, Tartagiardini & Allevamenti storici, Testudo hermanni.

I took this pic in Gonfaron FR at the “Village des Tortues”.

In my opinion this wonderful female shows perfectly corsican peculiar characters… it could be only corsican or sardinian! Do you agree?


2 Responses to Una “Corsa” da manuale

  1. Yes, I agree Lorenzo. This female looks totally like a corsican. It is not suprising me, because they keep in Gonfaron not only varoises thh but also corsican ones, and even thb.
    What is strange is the metal registration clip that this specimen has on a front marginal…. usually, only wild varoises are marked this way iat Gonfaron !
    But, maybe now corsican turtle village in Moltifao marks also corsican turtles… and this specimen would come from them ….
    Quite odd anyway …
    In which park of Gonfaron did you take this pic ?
    What means “da manuale” ?

  2. It was in the enclosure in front of “Quarantine House” where if I remember well there are Corsican Thh; this female was also really big to be a Var Thh!

    I didn’t know about metal registration clip, but even if I would meet this tortoise crossing me in Nice I’ve thought it was corsican!!!

    “da manuale” = typical

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