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Colpo d’occhio… what does make it different?

by Lorenzo - gennaio 14th, 2010.
Filed under: Identificazioni, Testudo hermanni.


Cosa mi colpisce osservando le immagini di Thh del Gargano pubblicate da Laurens? Testudo hermanni hermanni Puglia

-  jagged edge of vertebral black border;

- drop shape of vertebralblack lines



Sardinia & Corsica

- round front-edge of V2;

- orizontal (or double) black patch on V1, with a vertical small black line;

- mushroom cloud on V5;

- detached asymmetric black patches on plastron anal scales;


5 Responses to Colpo d’occhio… what does make it different?

  1. I don’t find my hermanni’s pictures. I want to show the difference whit this tortoises and my sardinian tortoises.

  2. Waiting for your pics Vale I added my mind “picture” of Sardinian Thh…

    … I’m also waiting for the comparison and for english corrections!

  3. Interesting Lorenzo.
    I have difficulties to read long articoli in italian and to understand everything…
    So, could you explain me in english what are the main morphological differences between sardinian and sicilian thh ?

  4. I’m sorry Touton I can only try to guess peculiarity of the two populations I know better: umbrian and sardinian!

    About Gargano population I can see some repeated character I’ve shown on my first drawing.

    I’d like you try to identify typical black patches on Var population, and perhaps Giuseppe may do the same with sicilian one … I’m sorry but I’m not ready yet!!! But if you describe me your idea I can try to draw something.

  5. Touton, I’m ready to translate or to explain you what you don’t understand: I’ve seen also Vale opened some articles in english…

    … so you can ask… but as I told you above I’m sorry I can’t explain differences between sardinian and sicilian Thh!!!

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