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Testudo hermanni hermanni Puglia

by Laurens - gennaio 13th, 2010.
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Maschio Castellaneta marina (Golfo di Taranto)




Femmina Murgia Materana





Habitat Murgia Materana


DSCN3022Femmina GarganoDSCN3026Femmina GarganoDSCN3031Femmina GarganoDSCN3035Femmina GarganoDSCN3043Femmina GarganoDSCN3057Femmina GarganoDSCN3051Femmina GarganoDSCN3071Maschio Gargano




12 Responses to Testudo hermanni hermanni Puglia

  1. Laurens, do you have pics of V5 of maschio from Golfo di Taranto and from femina from Murgia Materana ?

  2. Touton,

    I have I am sure of at least two males from Golfo di Taranto pictures of the V5. I have to search at home.
    I will insert them.

  3. Thanks Laurens ;-)

  4. Sono stupita dalle differenze tra il maschio di Tarento e le femmine di Murgia Materana e di Gargano !
    Il primo ha un carapace con il nero dominante invece che le femmine hanno il giallo dominante con disegni neri molto armoniosi.
    I piastroni anche sono differenti, quello del maschio ha le stricce nere che riempiscono quasi tutta la superficie del piastrone mentre le stricce delle femmine sono molto piu strette.
    E strano di trovare tali differenze tra popolazioni cosi vicine geograficamente. Forse questo maschio sara un specimen isolato…puoi dircene di piu Laurens riguardo a questo maschio ?

  5. Non avrei mai pensato che tra le Thh pugliesi vi potessero essere esemplari così chiari!

  6. These specimen from Gargano are really pretty with nice colors and patterns !
    You seem to be a real specialist of italian thh Laurens !
    How many hours or day did you spend on the field ?

  7. Did you see Lorenzo, Pugliese seem to have relatively wide black patches on vertebrals. Especially, among Tarento thh.
    Among, Gargano thh, those patches seem to get wider and of round shape at the back.

  8. I am not a real specialist. I keep a studbook for Testudo hermanni hermanni. I’ll wil write a small article about this.
    I have done a two week survey in The national park Murgia Materana near the city of Matera. Unfortunately I found only one specimen in the park. I have searched several hours a day in May. Temperatures were quit excellent actually.
    I have observed several T.h.h in the wild in Italy. (Puglia and Tuscany)
    I also keep some captive bred and confiscated T.h.h at home

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  10. Laurens these tortoises are wild? Do you Know if they are from the same family?

  11. Their rear marginals have not slender extremities: their carapace look so high as in Thh from Murgia?

    Sono anche loro “palline” per intenderci?

  12. These are wildcaught animals that lived in captivity for some months or max a 2 years.
    The chanche that they are from the same family would be rather small!!! ;-)

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