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varoises (suite)

by touton - gennaio 11th, 2010.
Filed under: Francia del Sud, Testudo hermanni.





Bébé Ca 2 ans (dossière)

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6 Responses to varoises (suite)

  1. You see Lorenzo, those varoises have not so thin black patches on vertebrales… they are rather wide, no ?

  2. Absolutelly Yes Touton,
    thin black patches on vertebrales are not a character of Var Thh but I’m sure does exist something typical on their V2-V3-V4 I’m not able to find!

    ?????? I’m confused ??????

    Wonderful pics Touton: in the third pic we can well see the typical black-grey head skin!!!

  3. Sorry for the pics I posted 2 times, I don’t understand so well italian, so I don’t use the website fonctions as well as I would like … :-(

  4. It’s very interesting the black spots in legs. My sardinian hermanni have legs yellow, only yellow.

  5. Touton, no problem for the double pics I delete the second ones!

    Do you see Vale! Even the claws in Sardinian Th are usually (or better always!) yellow.

    Instead on these pics we can see grey-black claws of Var Thh: Touton this color is a typical character or do exist any Var Thh with yellow claws.

    Umbrians too… yellow claws!

  6. Thank you Lorenzo for improving my article.
    Yes, Valle and Lorenzo, varoises thh, anyway among adults, have always yellow-grey or grey-black if not, sometimes, totally black claws, especially among old specimen.
    But underage specimen have lighter claws: totally yellow or grey-yellow.
    Claws get darker with age running.
    So, it seems it is a typical character of varoises ;-)

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