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Neonate a confronto

by Lorenzo - dicembre 26th, 2009.
Filed under: Identificazioni, Sardegna, Testudo hermanni, Umbria.

A sinistra una piccola Testudo hermanni della Sardegna e a destra una Testudo hermanni dell’Umbria: già negli esemplari neonati si possono notare alcuni dei caratteri tipici delle due popolazioni.



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  1. Lorenzo hai scritto due volte a sinistra ! cosi non si puo saper quale é il neonato dell’Umbria e quello della Sardegna ;-)

  2. Ops!

    Lo correggerò, ma a questo punto direi che prima si potrebbe tentare di indovinare!

  3. Sardenian to the left, no ? (bigger size, beginning of fungo atomico on V5, smaller black patches on annal scales of plastron).

  4. Pretty babies anyway…! congratulations Lorenzo !

  5. Perfetto Touton: a questo punto posso andare a correggere!

    But this pics remind me that we didn’t speak about another important difference between Sardinian and Peninsular Thh: the head shape and color…

    … we need a new article about!

    Thanks Touton: are varoises and corsican babies Thh similar to umbrian and sardinian ones?

  6. Ops!

    … we can already note the difference on yellow pleural lines: slimmer on the top in sardinian baby and larger in umbrian one!

  7. It seems that, once more, sardinian are, to this point of view, similar to corsican. Sardinian, as most of corsican, have irregular black patches on pleurals with yellow occlusions inside those black patches. To the contrary, Umbrians seem to have, as most varoises, quite regular totally black patches.
    The morphological links between sardinian and corsican, and between umbrian and varoise, seem to be most obvious than ever before: size, black patches on gulars, black patches on pleurals and V5 design.

  8. For the links/difference between sardinian and corsican Aline could probably help us…

  9. And the yellow color seems also to be clearer, maybe more greenish, on sardinian than on umbrian: it is the same between corsican and varoise.
    But we should be cautious and check on many many specimens before to draw any definitive (too fast !) conclusion….

  10. yes Lorenzo, my varoise babies have a morphology quite close to these cute umbrian neonate.

  11. just above: “these”= this (singular)

  12. Personnally, I do prefer the small umbrian neonate !

  13. I feel that by pointing out links/differences between Sardinian/Corsican Th and Umbrian/Varoises I think we are simply hightlighting the general diversity between Thh peninsular/continental populations and those living in Sardinia and Corsica.

  14. Non credevo che le differenze nelle dimensioni fossero così evidenti già in giovane età. E’ davvero stupefacente.

  15. Vale certamente ci sono neonati di varie dimensioni, ma per questa foto ho scelto due piccoli piuttosto standard…

    … non è curioso poi come si intraveda già il fungo atomico?

  16. How old are they ? 3-4 monthes old ? they live in terrarium ? how many grammes are they ?

  17. These are old pics I took in September a few years ago.

    Both babies were born in the incubator during the summer late July/early August: they live in the garden from a week after their birth.

    Sardinian newborn shell length are usually 3,6/4,0cm and weigth 13/16g.

    Umbrian babies are usually smaller: shell length 2,5/3,0cm and weigth 12/14g.

    Even egg number and size are different between them.

  18. Are sicilian babies and eggs also bigger and heavier than umbrian ?

  19. How many eggs in each nest of umbrian ? 3-4 ?
    How many eggs ineach nest of sardinian/sicilian ? 6-7 ?

  20. Where is Etruria regione in Italy ? which big city is in this regione ?

  21. - Are sicilian babies and eggs also bigger and heavier than umbrian ?
    I don’t Know well sicilian population, Giuseppe may help us!

    - How many eggs in each nest of umbrian ? 3-4 ?
    Yes, one (rarely two) nest in a summer and 2-4 eggs in each.

    - How many eggs ineach nest of sardinian/sicilian ? 6-7 ?
    Two or three nest in a summer and 3-6 eggs in a nest: Vale, what do you think about?

    - Where is Etruria regione in Italy? which big city is in this regione ?
    Etruria is an historic region of Italy and its lands are now called Toscana, Umbria and Lazio and their bigger town are Florence, Rome and Perugia, but…

    … Why this last question about “Neonate a confronto”?

    We have to wait Aline for corsican babies; she contacts me to say she’s having some problems with her PC!

    But we’re waiting some pics and little description about your var babies.

  22. Sardinian hermanni lay 5-8 eggs in each nest. When the female is young only 3-4 eggs.

  23. Oh I’m curious to know about corsican deposition and size of babies.

  24. First, happy new year 2010 to everybody !
    Lorenzo, I asked this question about Etruria because I have discovered a website about turtoises called Etruria something….
    As soon as I am back home, on sunday, I will post some pictures of my Var babies: promised !

  25. Vale, what is the medium size for sardinian adult hermanni (male and female) ?

  26. About description of Var babies, as I told you Lorenzo, they are probably very similar to umbrians if I look at your picture. The best would be to put side by side some umbrian and Var babies to compare shell colors (because pictures are not taken with the same camera and never with the same lighting which makes it impossible to compare…). I think size and weight are more or less the same.

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