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typical orange-yellow of varoises

by touton - dicembre 22nd, 2009.
Filed under: Francia del Sud, In natura, Testudo hermanni.

6 Responses to typical orange-yellow of varoises

  1. The two black lines on vertebral 2 & 3 are always present?

  2. Sorry for the delay of my answer, I was not at home these last 2 days. Yes, the black lines on V2 and V3 are ALWAYS present. There is also always a black line on V4.

  3. No problem touton!

    Well for the ALWAYS answer!!!

    I’d like to know if the first picture with 4 animals you’ve taked in the wild habitat or are these captive animals?

  4. these are mine tortoises.

  5. Thanks and my compliments for your beautiful tortoises!

  6. except the tortoise with the white painted patch on shell which is not mine

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